Standard Technical Specs


Type tests are special tests which are oponal and are carried out at addional applicable fees, to be born by the customer. These tests are organized at independent test labs such as CPRI & ERDA. They include 1. Lightening Impulse test. 2 . Short Circuit test 3. Temperature rise test.


Standard Distribution Transformer Specifications

Standard Distribution Transformer Specifications
Installation Indoor or Outdoor as per customer requirement.
No of Phase 3 Phase.
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage Ratio 11/0.415 kV
22/0.415 kV
33/0.415 kV
Insulation Class Class ‘A’ / Class ‘B’
Vector Group Dyn11 or as desired by customer
Winding Material Copper
Tappings (Off Load Type) Generally +5% to -10% in steps of 2.5% on HT winding.
However, it can be offered  as per customer requirement.
Termination As per customer requirement.
Cooling ONAN ( Oil Natural Air Natural).
Cooling arrangement Corrugated tank or with Pressed steel Radiators as per customer
Colour As a standard, we offer paint shade as Seimens Grey (RAL 7032),
however  colour paint shade can be changed as per requirement
of customer.


Following Standard, fi.ngs are provided in general as standard for all rangs, however in case if the client insist for any extra optional fittings, The same can be provided at additional cost.

  • Rang & Diagram Plate .
  • Drain cum boom filter valve.
  • Earthing Terminals.
  • Cooling radiators.
  • Lifting Lugs.
  • Uni / Bi – direconal rollers.
  • Thermometer pocket.
  • Explosion vent with the diaphragm.
  • Oil level indicator.
  • Oil conservator with drain plug.
  • Air release hole with plug.
  • Top filter valve.


  • Bucholz relay with alarm & trip contact.
  • Marshaling box.
  • Oil Temperature indicator with alarm & trip contact.
  • On Load Tap Changer OLTC.
  • Winding temperature indicator with alarm & trip contact.
  • RTCC ( Remote Tap Changer control ) Cubicle.
  • Magnetic oil level gauge with alarm & trip contact.
  • AVR ( Automatic Voltage regulator).
  • Pressure release valve with alarm & trip contact.
  • Cable box on HT & LT Side.

Note :

  1. The transformers are designed to follow the losses as specified in the trailing table as per IS 1180. All transformers are designed and manufactured in accordance to the same.
  2. Hermetically sealed transformers with Nitrogen filling are also manufactured & supplied.
  3. Drawings & details can be submitted against finalization of order.

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