Trans Power Solutions is manufacturing wide range of LT AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATORS also commonly called as SERVO STABILIZERS. Voltage fluctuation is a common phenomenon in every part of the country. Inspite of best efforts, Public utility companies can not ensure quality power to consumers due to long and inadequate distribution lines and irregular load patterns on distribution network. The stable Input supply is a basic necessity of sophisticated equipment to give optimal performance. Major industrial loads are inductive in nature (i.e .A.C. Motors) and they draw considerably high current at high &low voltages resulting in higher losses which in turn increases the temperature of motors thereby reducing the motor life. Further the industrial units running round the clock usually faces problem of low and high voltage due to fluctuating load. Due to this electric motors draw considerably high current at Low & high voltage which effects the electrical motors. Other equipment’s that are affected by high & Low voltages are Lighting loads(Bulbs & Tubes) Air conditioning plants Elevators & lifts,Medical equipment’s etc.

LT automatic voltage Regulator is an equipment to obtain constant voltage from fluctuating supply system. ‘TPS ’ manufactures state of art ‘Servo Voltage Stabilizer-Linear Type’ which ensure constant output voltage thus providing complete protection and optimum efficiency of all electrical & electronic equipment’s. With the installation of ‘TPS Servo stabilizer’ and generally maintain output voltage of 400V 3-0 /230V, 1-0 within 1% the motors operate smoothly without drawing excess current.

TPS 3-phase stabilizers are manufactured using individual controls for each phase thus making it suitable for unbalanced input voltage and unbalanced load current. Balance type unit are also supplied on demand.

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